Why men don't have a clue & women always need more shoes

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Συγγραφείς  Allan & Barbara Pease

Εκδόσεις  Orion Books

Σελίδες  332

Έτος έκδοσης  2006

Κατάσταση  Αρκετά καλή

Γλώσσα  Αγγλικά




Do you know the top seven things that drive women mad?
Or the real reason why women cry more than men?
Or what men are looking for in a woman, both at first sight and for the long-term relationship?

WHY MEN DON'T HAVE A CLUE AND WOMEN ALWAYS NEED MORE SHOES gives the low-down on some of the issues that have confused men and women for centuries. From channel-hopping to toilet seats, communication to shopping, relationship experts Allan and Barbara Pease show how you can make the most out of your relationships - or at least understand where your partner is coming from. Already an international No.1 bestseller, this is the essential - and highly entertaining - must-read guide to the opposite sex.